What was Sweden to me?


Chilly winds, frozen lakes,

Warm coffee and Christmas cakes,

Snow boots, Warm jackets,

Mandarins and Swedish candy packets,

Lazy, late mornings, lacking starkness,

8 hours of sunlight and pitch black darkness.


Snowmobiling, dogsledding in groups,

Sourdough bread and moose soups,

Reindeers, Alaskan Huskies,

Frozen hands and playing with husky puppies,

Oversized snowsuits, hats and beanies,

Glorious sunsets, calming sunrises and beautiful sceneries.


Snow angels, Snow castles, snow fights,

Constellations, planets, and northern lights,

Ice fishing, skiing,

Late night hikes and early-morning sightseeing’s,

Ice skating, snowshoeing,

Bonfire music, dance and cooking.


Todo’s, submissions and deadline fears,

Readings of a 100 year old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared,

Late-night studying and coffee,

Nobel debates and learning calligraphy,

Vasa museum, innovation and design,

Fashion shows and TGS Nobel nights.


Sushi rolls, soups,

Herbal teas and loganberry juice,

Quinoa salad, falafel wraps,

Viking dinner and fruity frappes,

French Pancakes, Thai curries,

Goat cheese sandwiches and mango smoothies.


Apple pies, chocolate balls,

Christmas cakes and Glögg,

Wreaths, garlands and bright lights,

Santa Claus and Christmas delights,

Gifts, celebrations and sweets-filled baskets,

Shopping spree in Christmas markets.


Goodbyes, take care’s,

Hugs and sad farewells,

Suitcases, Bags,

Airport and baggage tags,

Stockholm, memories,

I’ll be remembering you from home while sitting under the Christmas tree,

Snowfall, takeoff, I’m leaving,

Until next time Sweden, Vi ses snart, I’ll be waiting.


Authors note:

Hello, again readers! This is, in 7 verses what Sweden was for me. Of course, I couldn’t write everything down but I definitely wrote the small and the big highlights of my stay in Sweden. I’m sorry that it’s not consistent but honestly, that’s what Sweden was. I’m not talking about one adventure here, it’s all of them put into one poem, so apologies for the inconsistency and confusion, but I hope you can live all the little details of my experience in Sweden through this poem.

Sweden was anything and everything; all the adventures combined together, it was an experience of a lifetime. I really miss Stockholm. The quiet streets, the privacy, the kind smiles and the abundance of sweets were perfect for me and I can’t wait to go back. Until then, please enjoy reading this and feedback and comments are always welcome.

Yours in writing and traveling,

Utkarsha (UV) 🙂



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