A day in Nacka, Stockholm, from a travelers eye

Being a traveler is a crazy experience. Not knowing what people you’ll be meeting, which wrong turn on the road will take you to another undiscovered, unique place and what foods will become your next favorite. You can always decide which place you’ll be going to, where you’ll be staying and even what activities you would do in your time there. However, your memories will never consist of those planned activities. Your memories will always be consist of something unplanned, that came out of nowhere, surprised you and gave you the ‘weird’ happy feeling. My memory collection is full of such unexpected surprises. And while in Stockholm, I already have started experiencing such surprises.

I’ll share with you a normal day I have in Nacka, Stockholm, Sweden, and hope that you can see a small part of Stockholm through my eyes. This collection of photos doesn’t comprise of adventures, meeting a celebrity or scenic beaches. This is a collection of photos that may not look of high significance but still have left a huge impact on me and my thoughts and these little moments would always be the highlights of my travels around the world.


My morning starts with the usual coffee. Vanilla Latte, at Sandy’s. It’s cold I need something to keep me warm.

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I walk to class, hands trying to grasp as much warmth as possible from the coffee cup. Shuffling inside the class, I choose the seat next to the window because when you don’t like early starts to days, this view will make you feel that you should appreciate each day and every opportunity you encounter on that day.

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Lunch time. I walk into the streets and even though it’s chilly and the wind makes you grit your teeth in cold, the playground is full of children, with red cheeks, running around, climbing and laughing .


I take a turn. The theatre. There are so many movies being screened, with promotional posters everywhere. Hunger games, star wars, everest, inside out, just about everything. But now I’m hungry, so I go into a cafe and the warmth hits me. People are sitting, chatting and discussing, a woman takes a book out of the decorative wall, finds out it was just for decorating purposes, and keeps it back. The cute decorations in the cafe could make any dark, cold day a warm, bright one.



Classes end, and I need after school snacks. I go into  the grocery store, knowing I’ll probably just stroll around and not buy anything. I think that seeing people from all ages in the grocery store, the children in the candy section, the elders in the fruit and glogg aisle, and possibly engaging in a conversation with them is an interesting experience.



Okay. I admit I ended up buying chocolate balls. They are my new favorite dessert, until I encounter something else along the way. I enter the library and see people read different books. When they leave, I look at the books two random people just picked up, read and left. People have really different book interests.


FullSizeRender (16).jpgFile_000.jpg

Walks back to school are the best. It gets dark here, so the buildings seem to shine bright in the dark. You would see some people sitting on benches, smoking cigarettes, or just coming out of Urban Deli. You might get to talk to them, if you wish to, about anything ranging from the weather to Swedish gender and taxation laws. Going back a little, a little, and there! Urban Deli.

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Urban Deli in Nacka, Stockholm, is the source of happiness for all TGS students and staff. Here, you get a variety of organic foods, and by variety I mean anything and everything. Sometimes when you just want to have a pineapple or orange marmalade, this is the place to go.

FullSizeRender (6).jpgFullSizeRender (5).jpg

Talking about TGS people, I meet some of them on the streets. They all seem to be enjoying this day…..in their own ways.


I am walking past people. I noticed something strange, everybody in Stockholm dresses up so well. What is it about? My eyes make contact with the H&M shop in the mall. Sweden has some huge fashion brands and magnificent choices for clothes.


Continuing my walk back home, I see candle-lit streets and people walking their majestic dogs. The autumn leaves that have slowly started to disappear, rustle in the light breeze.

File_007.jpegFullSizeRender (9).jpg

It’s getting cold, so I fasten my pace and walk back to the hotel. Pumpkins and little ghosts. Of course, halloween. I get into the elevator and look outside the window to see Stockholm blinking with bright lights. It’s so fascinating to see the people here trying to battle the darkness with as much brightness as possible. Before I get into my room and sit on my laptop, again, doing nothing but homework, I snap this picture of night-time Stockholm. This city is purely enchanting and everyday it’s a gift that I live.

FullSizeRender (15).jpg



Question: What is Stockholm like when you go into the nature?

Answer: Nothing different to the city. Completely breathtaking and calm.

You are  covered by tall trees. Imagine the smell of fresh tree bark and the smell of the best natural soap you ever bought at the body shop. Combine that and that’s the smell you are surrounded by.

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You’ll see several fire pits in Stockholm forests. You’ll have the resources too, to start a fire anywhere and anytime. The management of the woods is quite impressive. The trails are well laid out and the woods areextremely clean despite the number of people walking, running, picnicking or biking here.

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Last but not the least, the forests are not the deserted part of the city. You’ll meet many happy, eager people on your hike or walk in the forest. Stockholm is a very lively city.

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Stockholm is a city that’ll never disappoint you in any way. You’ll get the food, the good people, the good clothes and the great experiences. This was my day in Stockholm and let me know yours; if you already have experienced it or if you plan to come here in the future.

Thanks for reading.

Your in writing and traveling,

Utkarsha (UV 🙂 )