The day when Zeus invited me to his home. [Part 2.]



I couldn’t go back home because the “strangers” or the people, who walked into my room and several others belonging to that group, were taking me to this famous place called arokpoliz. I hope I spelt that right. I couldn’t understand who these people were; were they tour guides but 40 tour guides for one person, me, was a bit too much. So were they my new friends that I had to interact with, but it seemed like these people knew who I was very well. Or were they people I actually knew but for some reason my brain couldn’t recognize them? I immediately shook that last thought off my brain. The last thing I needed to know now was that I had memory issues.

I started following the people up to the arokpoliz. This place was apparently one of the most touristy and famous places in Greece and honestly, I didn’t want to go in a place with mad and sweaty tourists. I wanted to sit at the temple of Zeus…. As this thought crossed my mind a cool, calm feeling swept over my body making me feel more relaxed than ever. The quiet time I had at the temple was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had; a feeling that makes me forget about all the frustrations in life. I kept walking up to the Acropolis, mad about the fact that I didn’t know where I was, who the people were and why I was experiencing all of this but still feeling nice and calm when I thought about the temple of Zeus. Panting, we finally reached the Acropolis. I saw the right spelling finally. The architectural piece was huge and beautiful. I wondered how much time and people it would’ve took to make this wonder. The Parthenon was Zeus’ daughter Athena’s temple and it is a part of the architectural remains of the Acropolis. The Parthenon was completely breath taking. I quietly went and sat on a rock not paying attention to the “snaps!” of camera shutters and excited whispers of the tourists. I closed my eyes for a brief moment. My life was sure a complete catastrophe right now and strange notes were controlling my life. I had no idea about anything or anyone; I was lost, alone and broken. But the feeling of being in Athens was so peaceful and beautiful. I felt lucky to be lost here. Everything fit in so well, fit in so well with me, fit in with my desire of travelling and exploring new wonders. Things were confusing and even though I was scared and annoyed on the outside, deep down, my heart was beating to tell me how much I loved this whole situation of being lost and discovering the amazing secrets the world holds. I felt that I was discovering myself too; I discovered my love and passion for travelling and reflecting on the beauty of the world while visiting an extremely old, ancient site. Even though things weren’t making sense around me, I knew that slowly, everything would be fine and sensible. I wasn’t feeling scared anymore, I wasn’t feeling lost, I knew everything was happening for a reason and whatever that reason was, it made me nervous at first but now I was feeling more confident about myself and my desire to explore the entire world and the entirety of Athens. As I reflected to myself, I felt something gently fall on my lap. Another note. This time, I smiled at the note rather than frowning. In the end, these notes brought me to Athens and introduced me to its beauty. These notes might be confusing but they sure were giving me all the happiness I wanted in the world and that was to travel and explore places as amazing as Athens.

 Hello again. Seems like you’re enjoying Athens. I told you it wasn’t that bad. Good that you are finally realizing that being lost isn’t frustrating. Anyways, look up and see where Apollo is going, I can’t see him in the sky anymore. Also, I’ve run out of the funny acronyms you little, human’s use so I’ll end this note on a boring note.

Note on a note. Admit it; that was funny.

Alright, signing off,

-Zeus and his council.

I chuckled a little at the ridiculous joke. I never thought that the god of the skies would make such jokes. I looked up to see the darkness slowly swallowing the sun, or Apollo in. The dark clouds were enveloping the sky and the sunrays were slowly disappearing from the rocky grounds of the acropolis. The sunset seemed to swallow all my frustration and confusion too. It felt like a beginning of a new day. It seemed like finally, I was returning to my original self; a person who loves exploring, getting lost, meeting new people, reflecting and visiting ancient towns and cities. This was surely a gift for me, as I never would’ve imagined visiting Athens out of the blue. For the first time, in long, I thanked the mysterious note giver. “Thank you for giving me a chance to explore Athens and realize that I always wanted to get lost in the magnificence of this world.” I whispered and looked at the Parthenon. It stood there, old, peaceful and charming. A feeling of calmness rushed over my body and I smiled at the stupendous sight in front of me. “Thank you for being there, Parthenon. Thanks for sharing your beauty with the world and making people feel happy and relaxed.” I said and started walking back. I wasn’t scared to get lost and end up in another ancient sight again; I just wanted to explore every bit of Athens as I possibly could. As my footsteps dragged me down the Acropolis hill I realized a movement gentle as feather behind me. I kept walking but I wished I had stopped.

“You’re welcome.”

-Zeus and his council.

The night went pretty well. I chatted with people about the wonderful view from the Acropolis. I couldn’t believe that I felt comfortable talking to them; I felt like they were a lost part of me that I couldn’t recognize but deep down, I knew that I knew them very well. The conversations continued and the sight of the acropolis from the dinner table made me feel excited, happy, peaceful and even lucky to be in Athens. I couldn’t help but thank every moment I’ve been experiencing since this morning. From the temple of Zeus to the acropolis, every sight, each moment was a gift and I couldn’t help but appreciate it. And appreciate the note giver for giving me the opportunity to experience these moments.

 I climbed on my bed to get a good night sleep. My entire day had been so splendid and incredible. I got frustrated and sad but in the end the sunset at the Acropolis and the gentle wind hitting my face at the temple of Zeus was worth every bit of sadness I experienced. I didn’t care anymore about the mysterious note giver; I wasn’t annoyed at him/her. I wanted to genuinely thank that god or human for giving me the opportunity to be in Athens and take in the wonders that it holds.

If my first day could be so amazing I thought, I wonder how every other day would be…more fun, exciting and intriguing. I slowly grinned to myself and my stupidity of not accepting the fact that getting lost is actually a part of life and one of the most memorable and awesome parts too. I was ready to explore Athens and learn as much as I could about it. With the note giver to provide me with help, I was sure that I wouldn’t feel annoyed anymore and that I’d enjoy every moment life offers me. Before my eyelids could close and I could fall into a deep slumber a note landed on my bed.

So many thank you’s. Really? You don’t have to be that thankful. It’s time I tell you something now. The answer you’ve been looking for all this time will be given to you. The muffled sounds will end and you’ll finally know what was or is going on-

I closed the note. Did I really want to know what was happening? Will knowing these things make everything better or will the things be worse if I know everything? All this time I was looking for an answer but even if I didn’t get it in the end, I felt happy and at peace. Should I or should I not read this note? With a million thoughts crossing my mind, both, telling me to open and not open the note I decided that I’d read the note, because, you know, it’ll be short and everything will be over, soon. Doesn’t matter what the outcomes are, good or bad, I’ll deal with that in the future. Taking a huge gulp, I opened the note. My palms were sweaty and even if the AC was on I was feeling warm as if I just came back from a run. The lights were off and the room was quiet as dead but I could hear my shaky breath and could see the corridor light peeping in through the bottom of the door. I opened the note and it made a “crunch!” sound. “Huh, Huh, Huh” my breaths went slow and quiet and my heart beat was so fast that I thought my heart would come out of my rib cage. What would happen? I thought and opened the note.

The first word that I read was “TGS” before I heard the bed shudder and I woke up heavily breathing, on my bed, in Athens, not knowing what had just happened. Looking around frantically, I sighed. It was just a dream. Everything was just a dream.

DISCLAIMER: Everyone, I am in Athens. I have been to all these places and every feeling is true here. Only the notes and me forgetting “who I was” and “where I was” were made up. I thought that I could blend in my experiences with a story because WHY NOT?

Thank you for reading and please leave comments below to let me know what you thought of the story!

(Psst…. I repeat I’m in Athens and I’ve been to all these places in REALITY. This is derived from a personal experience.)

Signing out,

Sincerely Your blogger,

Utkarsha (UV) 🙂


The day when Zeus invited me to his home. [Part 1.]



Hey there. How are you doing MILES away from Mount Olympus? Just wanted to let you know BTW, you’re invited to Athens and if you didn’t know that’s in Greece. See you soon.

-Zeus and his council.

“What?” I rubbed my eyes as I got out of bed, squinting my eyes to read the note that mysteriously appeared on my bed this morning. “Mom, dad, I’ve been invited to Athens, Greece.” I said, yawning, half-talking-half-sleep walking to my parents. “Oh yeah. You’re going to Greece. On the 1st.” they replied. I raised my eyebrow, not understanding if the people sitting in front of me were really my parents or just their clones. The first time my parents sent me out of the house, except from birthday parties was when I was selected in TGS. However, today they said yes to a mysterious invitation, without even thinking twice! ‘Oh well’, I thought and rolled back to sleep. I tend to not overuse my brains in the morning. It’s just a way to avoid stress.

Before I knew, 3 weeks had passed and I had not received another mysterious note. I was packing for my flight to Greece that was supposed to take off in the next 8 hours. Finally, I asked my parents why they were sending me to Greece. “What? Because you have to go to-“ my mother began when she got a phone call from my father. Before answering it she whispered, “Don’t worry about it. I don’t know why you can’t understand one, simple thing I’ve been telling you everyday.” My mother replied and started talking on the phone. “One thing that she tells me everyday. But whenever I ask that question something else happens and I never get the answer. Or is it that I always ignore the answer? Does my mind automatically refuse to hear the words my mom says?” I couldn’t understand what was happening and my mother was done with explaining me the same thing every time. But every time she told me the answer, my brain couldn’t input it. Not knowing what future held for me, I decided to go along with the flow of things.

I put my bags in the overhead lockers of the airplane. As I went to sit on my seat I saw another note.

 “Looks you’re all seated and ready to go. Great. You must be wondering what’s happening inside your funny little brain? Why aren’t you hearing specific words? Don’t think about that a lot, because you’re not going to figure out the reason why. I’ve got to leave now. BRB soon with another note.

-Zeus and his council.

I didn’t understand what and who was doing all of this. Mysterious notes and answers that my brain wanted to know but refuses to input it. I slumped down on my seat and while the airhostess went on about the safety procedures, my mind couldn’t help but think about what actually was happening. I wondered if I even had a control on my life anymore.

A cold gush of wind hit my face as I walked out of the airport. I was here, in Athens, Greece one of the oldest and legendary historical places in the entire world. I don’t know what I was hoping, some mount Olympian god to pick me up from the airport or something. After 15 minutes, to show passerby’s that I am not alone or stranded, even though I was, I started drinking water. After another 40 seconds, I was still chugging down my water when I saw someone waving at me. I squinted my eyes to look at the human or god waving at me and when I saw who it was I immediately knew it wasn’t a god. The lady who was waving at me had brown hair and was smiling so brightly that I felt we needed to replace her with the sun. Anyhow, I walked over to her and asked her the same question I’ve been searching the answer for, forever “What am I doing here?” She gave me a funny look first and then answered me, but I couldn’t hear her. I could see her answering my question, I could see her lips forming words but my brain was accepting every sound except the one that escaped her mouth. Why couldn’t I hear what she was saying? Smiling, I nodded, trying my best to not be frustrated about the notes and the muffled sounds and the way my brain refused to hear anything I wanted to.

I went to the residence, well, that’s where the mysterious lady left me. I walked in my room hoping everything turns back to normal, hoping that the notes never existed and if worse comes to worse, everything was just a vacation trip. I kept my bags on the floor and when I sat on my bed there was another note.

Welcome to Greece! How’s everything? Things aren’t very clear are they? Stop being a curious, little human, (you are a human,) anyways, you know you’re not getting any answers so don’t try and find them. Today, you’re going to my daughter’s temple. And mine. TTYL.

-Zeus and his council.

 These notes were getting frustrating every time I read them. I didn’t know why I was in Greece and what Zeus was trying to do by giving me these notes. I threw the note away and if things weren’t messed up enough, three people walked into my room. I didn’t know who they were but I greeted them anyways with the same question “What am I doing in Greece and who are you?” They first looked at me with an astonished face and started laughing as if I told a funny joke. However, with the frustration building up inside me I asked them the question again, in a more serious and pressing manner. They stopped laughing and tried to answer my question but again, again the sounds muffled themselves and I couldn’t hear the answer. Even though I was trying to listen to what they were saying with so much concentration that I felt my skull might burst out, I couldn’t understand anything. Their lips were forming words and my eyes were forming tears, as I couldn’t listen to that one answer I wanted to hear. And an answer to a question As simple as to where I was.

I stormed out of the room, knowing that I can’t call my parents and ask for help because in the end I’d be asking them why they sent me here and if I ask them that what answer would I get? Silence. Deafening silence. I didn’t know where I was going until I saw myself sitting in a place, glaring at huge pillars that seemed to skyrocket up the sky. “Temple of Zeus” said the plate in front of the gates. Before I could contemplate this situation, I got another note.

LOL. You are at my temple before you were actually scheduled to visit here. Isn’t it beautiful? Do you know that your attempts are worthless and you’ll not know why you’re here until tell you the answer? Stop wasting your time and energy and enjoy the view.

-Zeus and his council

I didn’t know how to react to that. Should I be angry for receiving yet another annoying note or should I be lucky to sit in front of such a magnificent piece of architecture? I went with the latter. I felt such a great feel of calmness and happiness while I sat there even though my life was a complete roller coaster at this moment. The weather was cloudy and the pillars seemed to cut through the sky. I had never felt so calm and lucky to be at a place before. I think 30 minutes had passed before I decided to go back home. I was still annoyed at the notes but Zeus’ temple gave me what I needed: peace. I got up and started walking back home.