Miracles do happen.


This paragraph is probably the shortest and best conversation I had with my father. I was half-awake and half-asleep when my mother dragged me out of the bed at 6 am. I slumped on the rocking chair feeling lazier than ever. My father, an early bird had already jogged 7 km in the morning (Morning for him is 4 am), and he was sitting on the computer reading emails. He started writing one and the constant typing was driving me nuts. I wasn’t feeling very happy anyways and I went into another room and sighed as I sat on the huge sofa. “Utkarsha.” my dad said. “Goodmorning.” I replied with the most positive tone I could manage to create. “There is something I want to tell you.” he said and I suddenly came out of sleepiness and put my hands in the air. “I swear I didn’t break anything in the house.” I said in my defense. I am good at breaking things that includes my body too. People call me “the person who falls.” I doesn’t really bother me though. “Oh no! It’s a good news.” he said grinning from ear to ear. The blanket of sleepiness took over me in less than a second and I said “You should be quick then! Tell me what happened.” “Get out of your sleepiness first.” he said and with difficulty I managed to snap out of my not-so-good mood. “Yes, what?” “”You’ve been selected in TGS.” “Wait…WHAT?!” I thought someone put energy worth a 100 energy bars into me. I ran to the computer and opened the email with the most awesome subject ever- “Welcome to THINK Global School.” “Oh my god. OH.MY.GOD.!” I screamed and started crying in happiness. I couldn’t hear what my parents were saying. I couldn’t understand the conversations my mom was having on the phone when she told our relatives about this good news. I was too happy; I was feeling too lucky and too blessed to receive such a gift. I could only hear my silent sobs as I thanked god for this wonderful gift.  For me it was a miracle, and that’s why I will never stop believing in Miracles. Miracles do happen.

“Wow. I’m going to explore, and study and do just about everything!” I gleamed as I said this line again and again. I couldn’t wait to step into New Zealand and the exciting world of TGS. Time flied away like dust does when there is a gush of wind. The next morning I can remember I was sitting in the airplane my heart threatening to come out of my rib cage. Not because I was scared, not because I was shocked but because I was going to a whole new part of the world. Did I mention that it was my first international visit? My father is in army and I’ve travelled every corner of India. But every corner of the world? Nah. I was sure that this dream of mine is going to come true as I stepped out of New Zealand airport. It was chilly and I was shivering. The first day was spent with me looking out of the foggy window and thinking about how my next day is going to be at TGS. I reached the hotel, in the afternoon , the place which was home for the next three months. I was greeted by the student life members who were so friendly and caring that I didn’t feel insecure when I left my parents. It’s going to be good here, was my thought as I drifted off to sleep that night.

The next 3 months were a roller coaster. Yes, I cannot describe it in another way. Let me compare both of them; a roller coaster ride and my TGS experience in New Zealand.

You go and join the line for the roller coaster feeling all brave and confident. This was when I was preparing to go TGS. When you sit on the seat with the belt clasped around your waist you think if you can do it or not. This was when my parents left. The roller coaster starts at a slow speed. You take in a deep breath. It’s going to be okay. This was my first few weeks in TGS; just studying and exploring Auckland with my other fellow mates. Then the roller coaster starts gaining speed and it goes down the first loop with the wind hitting your face and you feeling both scared and excited. This was my first WeXplore. (Trips in the host countries are called weXplore.) Now, the roller coaster is at medium speed and you have started enjoying this crazy adventure. This was my time of studies and again, exploring Auckland. The roller coaster goes on a second loop, smaller than the first one, but at very high speed and you think that “Gosh, this is amazing. The speed is good and the height of the loop looks comforting.” This is my second weXplore where I relaxed at a beautiful resort and played football with my other weXplore mates. Now the roller coaster is going in a zig-zag manner and you are confused and dizzy but at the same time curious to know what lies ahead. The week after the weXplore which was studies and exams, matches to this situation. The roller coaster now goes at a pleasant speed and suddenly it gains such a speed that you are gaping with your mouth open, blinking like someone threw dust in your eyes, and screaming as if you saw a ghost. However the situation was different. The roller coaster is at the highest loop and boom! It goes down with you not knowing what to do and praying that you survive. My utterly challenging and adventurous third weXplore was just like this. Now the roller coaster is at a normal speed and it halts and you know you have to get down. You smile at this wonderful experience and your bravery that you just discovered. My last two weeks and my departure from Auckland. So this was my marvelous roller coaster experience at TGS.

I really don’t know how to describe it in any other way. “It was so good!” I’d exclaim and tell people back home what you just read before reading this paragraph. TGS is once in a lifetime opportunity. You cannot experience this elsewhere. This was my first term and god knows what lies ahead in the next term in Costa Rica. It’s going to be another superb term of adventure, fun, experimenting and changing.

All that I can say for now is that I don’t know what lies ahead for me in the future but I know when I am old and am sitting on the rocking chair, being grumpy towards all human beings, I’ll be thinking of the awesome experiences I had in TGS. The miracle that changed my life. The miracle that shaped me as a person and the miracle that will always make me believe in the phrase that Miracles do happen. The beautiful miracle called TGS.

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